ORCOmin- Smart Composting

ORCOmin- Smart Composting

An advanced solution for managing Organic Waste economically & effectively. Starting From ₹ 1,50,000

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About ORCO min

ORCO min is an organic waste converter which helps convert your segregated organic waste to good quality compost. ORCO min is smart, compact, efficient and aesthetically appealing. This compost machine is robust, functional and user-friendly design, makes ORCO min your best option when it comes to composting.


ORCO min Specification


How does ORCO min Compost Machine Work?

A hassle-free compact efficient affordable organic waste solutions for your composting needs.

ORCO min Features

ORCO min is the best solution for small scale composting


Industries Served

ORCO min is an ideal option for composting the wet waste in places where the daily wet waste generation varies between 25 – 75 kg per day