The Immediate Effects Of Food Waste On Climate Change And Solutions

We all know that environmental transformation is due to human acts, and we are all ready to do anything to change it. But, if we proceed with the current path and disregard the alarming signals, we will lose everything. It is where organic waste management Kolkata is the need of the hour.

We should understand that we need to do the things that give us the required results. Food waste is one of the first majority of all things introduced to environmental changes apart from transportation, elective energy, and driving. Therefore, it is high time we need to take the necessary steps. A frequently neglected scenery can be discovered in every kitchen with leftover food waste, and we need to change it.

Food Waste’s Contribution To Climate Change

  • Apart from agricultural waste and backyard decorations, we usually do not know that food waste records nearly 40% of all landfills. It contributes to a huge increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. With the decaying of plant waste, food waste produces methane much more intensely than carbon dioxide, damaging the environment. A waste management machine Kolkata is the hour’s need, and food waste materials must be controlled.
  • Both carbon dioxide and methane are ozone-depleting substances. It apps to global warming and environmental change. Proper measures are needed to be taken to reduce food waste’s contribution to the already changing climate.

What Are The Methods To Manage Food Waste?

There are many ways to manage food waste, and we will share the five methods to effectively carry out food waste management through a waste management machine Kolkata.


  • Refuse: The first step in the waste management procedure is refusing the products you do not need anymore. It will decrease the generation of food waste. Every product you deny reduces the interest in the development of that waste. Therefore, it reduces the harmful emissions associated with that product’s transport, creation, removal, and use.
  • Reduce: Reducing particular products you use helps fight the amount of food waste that must be managed. It reduces the overall emission of greenhouse gases. Companies like Rohini fire safety private limited are taking steps to reduce products no longer needed in the household kitchen and promoting a clean and green environment.
  • Reuse: The habit of reusing a single product that you cannot reduce is something that can help you give one step ahead toward a clean and green environment. Carrying out these procedures reduces the arrival of carbon within the materials to the atmosphere for longer than you can expect. This step also decreases the demand for new raw materials and reduces the climate transformations from this and the associated transportation of materials.
  • Recycle: The things you cannot reuse should be recycled through a waste management machine Kolkata. The recycling process is not as viable as reusing the waste materials because it requires ways to be transported to the processing unit where the unique, refined components of the waste are removed. These create the emission of GHGs. It keeps the emissions away associated with extracting and processing virgin unrefined materials.
  • Recover: The recovery process indicates the processes through which you can convert the waste into another beneficial structure. Some of the few examples are the cremation of waste and harvesting the heat to fertilize organic waste materials for the production of manure or the production of power. Obtaining value and importance from waste materials counterbalances emissions. The power generated from waste materials decreases the creation of electricity using petroleum derivatives. The fertilizer or manure created using organic waste material secures a portion of carbon and can also retain more carbon in the long run.

Wrapping Up

We all can discover little ways to control harmful emissions, from distributing leftover food to needy people to refrigerating food planned and smart shopping and composting to keep inedible and unappetizing pieces out of landfills.

Urban cities are discovering the benefits of directing waste materials into modern industrial composting systems through organic waste management in Kolkata. It drastically decreases the elimination cost while developing a pay-generating revenue through organic fertilizers.

If you think composting to be challenging, consider disposing of the food waste by segregating them. Rohini Fire Safety Private Limited is a waste management company that takes food waste and grinds them finely using waste management machines, making it easy for you to dispose of the materials.