The Impact Of Recycling On Economy & Sustainability

Recycling refers to the need of the hour. Commercial setups and individuals can do recycling on different levels. This article throws light on the wide possibility of recycling materials. Many customer products created from recycling materials can add to environmental sustainability. Before discussing those materials, let us understand sustainability and recycling facts. Be it trommel biomining machine waste management of something else, recycling is a must.


In 2018-2019, the quantity of municipal solid waste (MSW) generation was 1.5 lakh tons per day. The quantity of treated waste per day was 55,759.6 tons. Only 20 million tons of waste recycling happened as compost. The other 35 million tons went to combustion with energy recovery. It is one of the friendly ways to manage waste. To get the best out put you can also do it through waste management machine Kolkata. There are some particular recycling facts associated with the economy. The industry of recycling has contributed 1.1 million jobs in 1999 alone. Let us understand how we can enhance recycling in the manufacturing sector.


Materials for recycling

Here are the kinds of materials that need recycling. The process starts with Segregation of mixed waste, which may contain stones, woods, plastics, cotton fibres, etc but the most effective things are the bio-degradable wastes. Which can be managed by proper segregation through Screening, can effectively done with a trommel biomining machine. Any waste management company can do it.


Recycling paper is one of the most easy and common types of recycling. It is one of the essential recycling that the world needs today.  Recycling is the need of the hour. Consider the amount of deforestation every year for manufacturing paper. You will get to understand it. Paper recycling also decreases carbon emissions in the landfills. Putting paper in recycling containers within your office can also be helpful. You can keep small containers in every desk. It is the first step that you can follow to contribute to the environment.


Recycling plastic is not simple due to its varied types. You cannot mix different kinds of plastics. But it is one of the most popular kinds of recycling because it is durable and lightweight. You can create detergent bottles, milk bottles, buckets and various other products. All these come from plastic recycling. You can also use a waste management machine Kolkata to help you further segregate remaining waste.

 It is essential to recycle plastic due to the fact that manufacturing of new plastic generates large quantities of harmful pollution. Increasing knowledge about various aspects of plastic recycling is also necessary including increase awareness within your organisation.


Aluminium bottles, jars and cans get recycled separately. They are shredded and hammered after separation. It is like a non-magnetic metal. The recycling process of Aluminium is similar to Steel. Here the benefits of waste converter come into play. A waste converter is used to separate and segregate aluminium containers.

95% less energy is utilised for making a can from recycled aluminium. You can compare it to manufacturing a new one and understand the difference. Aluminium can also be extensively used to manufacture car bodies and tractor trailers. Aluminium does not lose its quality when it comes to recycling. So, the indefinite recycling process can be continued.


The recycling of cardboard is inevitable because it is used as a packaging material in each sector. There are two kinds of cardboard. One is corrugated cardboard having three layers. The other one refers to the paper board that does not have many layers.

Cardboards having food stains or other stains that are contaminated. They cannot be recycled. You need to understand the benefits and processes of cardboard recycling before going through the process. Contact a waste management company to understand the benefits of waste management machine Kolkata. It will take you one step ahead in your recycling process.


We cannot resolve issues like deforestation and climate change. So, wood recycling is essential. You can sell out the wooden items, give it to someone, reuse them to create other items or send them to the trash can.

People knowing sustainability concerns prefer to buy wooden items made from recycled wood commonly known as “reclaimed wood”


Final Remarks

You need not go far looking for an opportunity. It is true when it comes to including sustainability in your business. Rohini Fire Safety Private Limited provides installation of waste segregation equipment, trommel biomining machine Kolkata. The professionals do it at your doorstep along with the needed support service. All you need to do is to acquire knowledge about the procedure of resources and recycle methods that you need. We will surely guide you based on your needs & other constraining factors.