What Is A Trommel Biomining Machine? What Do You Need To Know About It?

A Trommel biomining machine refers to a rotary screen machine that is utilised for separating materials based on size. It is generally utilised in mineral processing and solid waste processing industries. This machine is used to separate oversize materials from undersized materials. 

The machine consists of a long cylindrical drum that comes with many openings of the dimension of separation needed. The openings assists in the classification of material during the rotating process of the drum and it only enables the material that is smaller than the dimension of the openings to fall within while the oversize once flow through the other side of the Trommel biomining machine

The Use Of Trommel Biomining Machine

The use of this biomining machine is important when it comes to legacy waste and municipal waste separation during the initial screening process for sorting the dimensions of solid waste. 

Trommel screens are utilised for separating inorganic and organic waste materials for improving the preparation of RDF and composting process. This enables the preparation of high quality compost that is free from impurities and clean RDF by eliminating the inorganic materials like muck and dust, thereby enhancing the quality of fuel. These machines are widely utilised for processing of legacy waste where Good Earth, RDF and inert materials are separated for productive disposal. 

Benefits of Using Trommel Biomining Machine

  • Trommel screens are mechanically robust and cause less noise. 
  • Trommel screens are extremely cheap, efficient and easy to maintain. 
  • These machines can be easily set up near the source of waste material. 
  • It is developed to manage a huge range of capacity up to 50 tons per hour when it comes to a single unit. 
  • They can manage a broad range of materials and can break compacted materials as well. 

Trommel Biomining Machine Price

Trommel Biomining Machine Price Ranges somewhere between 10 to 50 lacs per set in India. You can get yours from Rohini India as we have a wide variety of machines to help you separate various components of solid waste and legacy system waste management. 

Other Facts

The usage of Trommel screens or Trommel Biomining Machine is used in municipal solid waste management, legacy waste management, material and aggregates separation. The capacity of Trommel Biomining is 10 TPD- 500 TPD 

The base frame structure is made of strong mild steel fabricated out of channels and girders. The material is of mild steel with other options of stainless steel screens as well. 

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